Cedar Creek Gardens of Michael Stephens


Michael Stephens

Cedar Creek Gardens

Michael moved into his newly built residential home in 2002, so of course it had only the sparse builder-provided plants. Although he added a few things on his own, he soon enlisted the help of a landscape designer to help with bed and plant placement. Not long after that he attended a daylily show at a local mall and purchased a few. Soon after the show he saw information in the paper about a daylily club’s meetings, so began to attend and collected more and more plants. As with many daylily addicts, his beds began to grow and his grass receded. Although the number changes as he deletes and adds to his daylily collection, he keeps roughly 300 cultivars all the time. Somewhere along the line, he became enamored with orange blossoms and they have stolen the show in his gardens. Although he has other colors as well, they need to coordinate comfortably with orange or they don’t last long!


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